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The Best Longboarding Equipment

Long boarding is a dangerous sport to engage in and the least you can do is have the best longboarding equipments in order to prevent accidents that could lead to long term harm. You should always consider quality and durability first before their performance. Good longboarding equipments create amazing longboarding experiences.

There are different arrays and selections of longboard trucks to choose from. The different trucks are used for different disciplines such as commuting, cruising free riding, carving and downhill. Some great manufacturers of great longboarding trucks include independence, Randal, Gear, Paris and Gullwing. You can rely on these manufactures to get the best and durable trucks for longboarding. The kind of truck you choose should depend on the kind on longboard you are into. The 42degrees base plates are a restrictive type of truck mainly for higher speed as it gives you stability and control. The 50degrees base plates are for those who use their long boards for cruising, carving and free riding.

Longboard wheels are one of the best long boarding equipments that you should pay attention to. Wheels are very important part of your technical performance so it is of great importance that you choose them according to what you want to achieve. Different wheels have different performance characteristics and can greatly affect your board rides. With different wheels out there today, it can be a little confusing making a choice but the good thing is that you can own as much as you want to. Things you should consider when buying a wheel includes the wheel shape (diameter, edges and contact patch), the cores (preferably plastic cores), and progressive grips, what wheels are best for you and why you need them. For more grips at higher speed, you should consider the Volante Serrata as it is the best for racing.

A longboard is nothing without bearings and this is true because your board won’t move without it. Bearings are found in the wheels which make them move when you ride your skateboard. There are enormous selections of bearings and one of the classics Bones Reds and Seismic Tektons. The best longboard bearings are the ones with removable seals and dust covers. The three best bearings that meet the criteria of removable seals that you can basically use for sliding and other movements include the Bone Reds, the Pleasure tools and Speedy Lunatics. It is important that you lubricate them often and keep them clean as it is a more important factor in maintaining them than spending so much and not maintain them.

Boards should be one of the most important things to consider when going for long boarding. One of the best long boarding equipment’s is having the right boards and there are so many brands to choose from. Some of the bests include the Plan Be because is has the best pop and durability. ELEMENT is another great board because it is the best to use for grinding kick flips. ALMOST is another one of the best boards that you should consider as it is durable, has great pop, amazing graphics and doesn’t chip easily. Some other amazing boards that you should consider are BIRDHOUSE and DARKSTAR to mention but a few.

Complete long boards are better since they are usually customized to your specifications. A complete longboard is when it comes with longboard trucks, wheels and bearings. Some of the top and best long boards ever includes the NEVERSUMMER NORAD, LOADED VANAGUARD, GRAVITY HYPER CARVE, JUNIOR DANCER and CARBON EVO.